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released January 17, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by Travis Bacon at Broken Box Recording Company
Mastered by Brad Boatwright at Audioseige Mastering



all rights reserved


HOGWASCHE Brooklyn, New York




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Still born into this world with a winning shot

a full of fortune of life bestowed onto me

though each day engaged in fist-a-cuffs

swinging hard to defend my identity

I can't escape a curse thats built with your blood and runs through my veins

When everything I do lives forever behind your name

every breath of frustration every taste of success

can't attain for the judgements the failures insist

I didn't choose this path I didn't make this life

And I don't owe an explanation for my right to exist

I can grow but I can't change

What I can't possibly escape

And I'll reject your shame

this is how I'm made

And I know this race

and I know my place

But I won't be shamed

by what I can't run away form
I may one to forgive and forget 
but when the wounds form they often lament they burn
Burn into scars that will never reform
Born into habits that are still unlearned
Learned that a second chance does not mean a new beginning 

It was a fake a hoax a promise once never kept
I never felt your embrace as you wept

You don't love me anymore 
and I fucking knew it
I tasted your tears and gave myself back
and then you fucking threw it

A murder we wrote that tore us apart
What died inside caused you to question your logic
you never worked on your heart you never worked through your shame
Couldn't let me go so I broke through your chains 

I was betrayed deceived
led to believe a fact
that this was how you would end the final act

I won't be bruised and broken
by these words once spoked 
I won't be bruised and broken 
by the lies you've chosen
this pain and deceit I give it all back
in exchange for a promise once never kept
I hold this head on a stick displayed for you all to see
It belongs to the corpse of who I used to be 
A cynic and jaded
distressed and unmotivated 
throwing blame all around 
when I was the one who I hated

Replacing pieces that have fallen away from me
wiping the past and rewriting my history 
painting a picture of an image I had hoped to see 

Shedding this skin
rebuilding this body
my condition of degradation 
that I'll no longer foster of copy

I've been thrown to the dark and cast aside
living with reasons to leave it behind 
a familiar pain destroyed my pride 
while providing the strength to live through these days
I stand before you with a fire inside
Shaming the tortured boy I left behind
I tower over I come out on top
You struggle and squirm cause you can't give me up
Track Name: SWITCH
I wanna feel you drip 
I wanna taste you inside
I wanna see every imperfection, wrinkle and line
Cause I've tasted blood and now I'm drunk and blind
and this pungent scent of leather leaves me hungry and dry 

I wanna give you control feel your grip on my life
Loose the function of my limbs and my ability to fight 
I'm wearing battle scars as a mark of your wrath 
my lips are swollen and blue 
My back is raised from your scratch

I can't settle for normality 
a sex thats stale and contrived is not a part of me

Is it a part of you?

I'll always ask before I touch 
consent is part of this game
Checking in on your boundaries 
as we tighten these restraints 
are you a sub, switch or top?
can I shoot myself all over you and lick it all off

Not what I wanna be

This chained freak in the cage
Has since been let out
Strapped with whips and chains
and a ball in my mouth 

My love notes riddled with safe words
humiliation and power plays build this soul
trust and respect rewards control 
and I only want whats beautiful and gross

Thats what's a part of me
Track Name: SINK
Loosing slipping falling behind 
bones are crushed by the weight of the grind
in a rush always running late
they're aren't enough hours in the fucking day 
choking grasping turning blue
I've bitten off more than I can possibly chew

This is the sacrifice you make
living large and throwing everything away
your loosing every time you blink
the dream is drowning as the island starts to sink

One step forward four steps back
the footsteps left all fade to black 
grip the handle burn the blade red
collecting spleens just to get ahead
a utopia, a bohemians dream
just a fight to the death for the ruling team

fall in or be pushed out
jump in line or eat the fucking ground

No time to blink or hold your breath 
the city life equals sudden death 
Track Name: M
My bodies aching 
my eyes are bloodshot and dry
my mind is racing with the echoes of each goodbye 
and the predicaments which have left me this way
it sliced my veins it hung me to bleed and dry 
skinned and displayed as an outcome of this sweet surprise 
remove my tear ducts now because theres nothing left to cry 

Its hard to feel its getting better
As more hope fades away
its hard to feel I have the answer 
my optimism dies each day 

with lost conviction I tossed my own life aside 
personal demotion from partner to the service side 
where the trust once lay resentment resides 
pushed away because of this darkened past
and a future seemingly bleak 
but don't forget who was there 
when your crimson curse stained the hospital sheets

and I gave myself away
for a sanctity never made
that's now buried in your grave

and I think that I hath fallen
But i can't see where I fell 
feels like my permanent condition 
as my bruised heart starts to swell
Track Name: OCS
You aren't even listening 
your just waiting for the perfect chance 
to interrupt my speech
you have no fucking point of reference 
your interjections are continues and fleeting 

how can one assume you even care? 
when you were never forced to share?
I'm drawing lines in what you reap 
this narcissistic eloquence in every word you speak 

your empathy and consciousness
hides behind your contraband of excessiveness
you'll wilt and suffer pace and mutter
won't endure the torture when your not the center

pass the blame when its at the front door 
seek control in what you can't account for